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Professional Irish Fusion Dancers

This unique Irish Dance group have dance crews in both the UK & Ireland and present Irish Dance with a fusion of other styles, percussive instruments & variety of music styles.

Their performances can range from 5-20 minutes and can be adapted to suit a range of events.

Each dancer in the crew is a leader in their respective field who has been trained to combine multiple high-energy dance disciplines. All of these dancers are either World champions, ex-stars of Riverdance, or even Guinness World record holders.

Our Irish Dancers

Established in 1996, these professional Irish dancers have proven to be the most successful dance troupe in its field, with performances from weddings to Broadway shows.

They employ 110 of Ireland’s finest dancers with troupes based in Dublin, Leitrim, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Kerry and Cork. Many of their dancers perform with Riverdance, Lord of the dance , Celtic Tiger, Rhythm of the Dance, Gael Force and Dance Masters. These professional Irish dancers are available for any event small or large, nationwide or internationally. With 14 years of experience and experienced dancers all over the country their aim is to provide you with a Professional, reliable, friendly and cost effective solution.

Professional Dancers

This generally results in an immediate outburst of spontaneous applause from an astounded audience! The piece continues with the appearance of a Celtic Warrior Drummer who also takes to a table.

Irish Celtic Dancers

At the tea/coffee stage of the meal the lights dim, the haunting sounds of ancient Celtic music can be heard echoing in the room. Some cloaked figures carrying candles move majestically through the crowd.