Strolling Tables for hire – Champagne and Canape Tables

Strolling tables for hire, Champagne Strolling Tables, Human living Tables, Showgirl Living Tables, Bollywood Living Tables perfect for Drinks Receptions, Canapes, Wedding Receptions and Theme parties.

Looking for drinks with a difference? Our Strolling Tables for hire are exactly how they sound, walking tables, they can serve champagne, drinks or canapés at your corporate event, private function or wedding, all with a themed performer tailored and ready to pour, serve and entertain your guests. With meet and greet characters ranging from champagne divas, mermaids and angels to Marilyn Monroe and burlesque models, why not provide your cupcakes, buffet or refreshments in an interactive way that will really get your friends or clients talking!

The dressed Bollywood Champagne Strolling Table for hire is perfect for Champagne and Drinks Receptions, Corporate Events, Pub and Club Nights, Promotions, Exhibitions and Private Parties serving anything from canapes to champagne.

The interchanging slots allow you to slot desserts, canapes, shots, champagne, wine, sweets or anything of your choice on there.

Themes include Champagne Strolling Table, Canapé Strolling Table, Winter Wonderland, Angel, Jack Frost, Jaqueline Frost, Marilyn Monroe, Geisha, Moulin Rouge, Barbie, Vegas Showgirls (various colours), Burlesque, Male & Female Cupid, Stone Afrodite, Mary Antionette, Clown and many more.

The Living Human Tables make a unique meet and greet centre piece at any event.

Choose from our range of fabulous characters or let us know of any theme, specific idea or colour scheme you would like to see at your function!

The tables will entertain in the character of your choice, create an exciting buzz and meet and greet your guests on arrival with their first cocktail or appetizer of the evening.

IDEAS TO SERVE: Wine, hors d’oeuvres, dessert, party bags, name tags, promotional materials or whatever else you like.


The performer usually provides you with 2 x 45 minute sets or 1 x 1.5 hour set over the evening.

Times can be discussed and changed due to clients needs.

Price From £ POA Depending on location
Areas Covered UK – Ireland